Military Patches

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Biker Vests And How They Are Like Canvases

When you think of American bikers what's the picture you conjure up in your imagination? The image that would pop into most people's minds would be a longer haired man sittin on a bike wearing a leather vest with arms covered in tattoos. Some people would visualize a man wearing a pair of chaps and a full leather jacket but the majority of us would see the vest as synonymous with the biker.

One of the benefits provided by the biker vest is that it acts as a canvas for all of your patches and biker artwork. If you are a member of a biker club then sewing your club patch onto a T-shirt is not the best idea as it probably wouldn't last very long. T-Shirts are too flimsy and easily worn out to make it practical. On the other hand, a full leather jacket provides the same space for your back patch but it's too warm to wear when temperatures get above 60°. So the biker vest is the perfect option.

Although there are no sleeves, there is still enough room for artwork and patches on the vest. Using your vest you can advertise your political affinities or you can use it for military designs or raunchy humor for example. Larger patches fit nicely on the back and sides while the front is the perfect space for your smaller patches. The great thing is that you should be able to find many patches that you will love it doesn't matter what your personal tastes are.

The biker vest is probably not something you will use if you ride a sport bike. But if you're riding a street or touring machine, especially if it's a Harley, you've got no place on the road without a leather biker vest. Before you can be considered a true biker, you will have to invest in this part of the uniform.


If you are a keen motorcyclist then adding leather biker vests to supplement your riding gear is a must. Only when you look your best will you feel more comfortable riding.

Part 3 : Top Secret Military Project Patches : With Description : Area 51 Edwards Air Force Base Etc

Military Patches

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